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The Client

TiiCKER is an innovative platform designed to connect individual investors with the brands they love and use every day, enabling a more engaging and personalized investing experience.

The platform seeks to revolutionize the way retail investors interact with their investments by providing tools that match them with companies based on personal brand loyalty and consumer habits. TiiCKER also offers unique perks and rewards for shareholders, further strengthening the relationship between companies and their individual investors. By fostering a community of informed and engaged shareholders, TiiCKER aims to create a new paradigm in the investment world, where personal values and brand affiliations play a central role in investment decisions.


  • Custom Website Design
  • Custom Mobile App Design
  • Digital Marketing Design
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The Challenge faced significant challenges in updating their digital presence to provide a more modern experience and cater effectively to two distinct audiences: mobile users exploring the platform and brands looking to partner. The existing website needed to seamlessly balance marketing content with a functional user area for logged-in members, ensuring equitable brand representation without showing bias. Additionally, TiiCKER required a synchronized app design, distinct yet integrated with the website, focused on enabling users to monitor their perks and rewards, which presented unique design and functionality challenges. The solutions needed to be scalable, considering TiiCKER's status as a growing startup, with the flexibility to adapt and evolve.

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The Solution

Our team redesigned both's website and its corresponding mobile app. We optimized the website for mobile users, ensuring an engaging and intuitive experience while developing a clear, cohesive branding strategy that resonated across both platforms. For the website, we implemented a dual-interface approach to cater to both casual browsers and logged-in users to  track their perks. For the app, we focused on a user-centric design, prioritizing the easy tracking and management of perks and rewards, ensuring it complemented the brand experience while serving distinct user intentions. The website and app were developed with an eye towards the future, ensuring both could grow and adapt with TiiCKER, meeting the evolving demands of the market.

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