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Spartan NFT

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The Client

NFTuck leads the way in digital collectibles as the first national NFT initiative spotlighting a coach, granting fans worldwide an exclusive opportunity to secure NFTs from Coach Tucker.

This innovative series of NFTs not only offers unprecedented access to Coach Tuck and Michigan State University Football but also stands out for its charitable aspect, with all proceeds directed to the Boys & Girls Club of Southeastern Michigan. NFTuck merges the passion for sports with digital innovation and philanthropy, setting a new standard in fan engagement and support for community causes.


  • Custom Website Design
  • NFT Design and Creation
  • Animation
  • Social Media Content Creation
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The Challenge

SpartyNFT needed a dynamic and technically advanced website and social media presence that resonated with the sports industry's energy and appealed to a tech-savvy audience. The challenge was to encapsulate the excitement and uniqueness of sports NFTs in the web design and online assets, ensuring they stood out in a rapidly growing and highly competitive market. Additionally, they required distinctive, branded NFT designs that captured the spirit and essence of sports fandom.

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The Solution

A significant aspect of our collaboration was designing and creating distinctive animated NFTs, ensuring each piece was branded and unique to enhance collector interest and value. These NFTs were then seamlessly integrated and showcased on, providing a platform for secure transactions and further elevating the SpartyNFT brand in the sports and digital collectibles market. 

We developed a custom marketing website for SpartyNFT from the ground up, focusing on engaging design elements and a user-friendly interface to highlight their innovative approach to sports memorabilia. The site was crafted to narrate the SpartyNFT story and showcase the unique value of their NFT offerings. Alongside the website, we produced customized social media assets to align with the brand's digital marketing strategy. 

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