About Us

A team in motion stays in motion.


Our experienced team, armed with data from research and strategy, will impact your business goals in ways you can see, feel, and measure. Not only today but for sustained, long-term success.

Our History

Kmotion's journey started in 2008. The essence of our name reflects the principle inspired by Newton's First Law of Motion: 'objects in motion stay in motion.' This symbolizes our drive for constant progress, breaking new ground in technology, and creating collaborative partnerships that foster shared success. It highlights our active approach and dedication to continuous growth for both our team and our clients.

Staying in motion requires resilience, discipline, and unwavering dedication. We embody Rocky's iconic saying, "It's about how much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!", instilling this tenacity in our team and clients alike. We motivate them to tackle obstacles head-on and capitalize on opportunities for growth, as consistent effort and determination pave the way for true progress.

Our Team

For 16 years, Kmotion Design has become a top-tier agency known for its consistent quality, craftsmanship, dedication, and creativity.  Initially rooted in the midwest from Grand Rapids Michigan, we have broadened our reach across the nation, creating a team of unparalleled talent, residing in Alabama, California, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. 

We have a championship team. Our approach is individualized, focusing on building strong relationships within our team, understanding their lives outside of work, aspirations, and personal goals. We are dedicated to nurturing their professional growth and fueling their passion for their work. This principle has always been a cornerstone of our culture—the individuals on our team are central to our success. Recognizing and valuing each team member's unique contributions is fundamental to our collective achievements.

Our Culture

Kmotion Design is a 100% woman-owned company, representing a stronghold of confidence and resilience. Our team culture is tightly woven. We coach and push each other to new heights. We champion personal excellence, consistently going above and beyond, upholding reliability for each other and our clients, paying attention to details without cutting corners, and maintaining honesty and transparency above all.

We are a team of strategists, designers, marketers and developers

Our Accreditations

Core Values

Giving Back

We proudly uphold traditional values and support causes aligned with our values, aiming to benefit others and positively impact our community. Through sponsorships, volunteer work, and charitable contributions, we're committed to leaving a legacy of kindness and compassion.

We Focus on the Outcomes

We take the time to truly understand our clients' vision and objectives. Our team remains steadfast in keeping our clients' goals front and center in every decision we make. We are committed to making a real impact on our clients' businesses, orchestrating moves that lead to touchdowns, because their wins are our victories.


Whether supporting clients or collaborating within our team, trust is paramount. Clients rely on us for creative ideas, assistance, and attentiveness. We're not just a faceless agency; we're real people who genuinely care about our clients' success. Prompt responses and delivering on promises define our commitment to reliability. As a team, we stand together, relying on each others diverse skills to achieve outstanding results.

Above & Beyond

At Kmotion, we embody "going above and beyond" in all we do. We exceed expectations, delivering innovative solutions and ensuring every project is an exciting journey. As creative partners, we bring an extra spark and high-value thinking to every project. Our dedication and enthusiasm set us apart, driving amazing results when we collaborate together!

Details Matter

We're all about the details. From start to finish, every project receives our meticulous attention. Our precision sets us apart, delivering premium service that consistently exceeds expectations. Whether crafting designs or fine-tuning code, we leave no stone unturned. Just as a master chef perfects each ingredient, we refine every detail for a recipe of success.

Meet the Team

  • 11 Experts
  • 6 States
  • 3 Time Zones