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SoundOff Signal EU

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The Client

SoundOff Signal EU is the European division of SoundOff Signal, a global leader in providing high-performance lighting and safety solutions for the automotive industry, particularly for emergency, commercial, and recreational vehicles. 

With a commitment to innovation and quality, SoundOff Signal EU offers a wide range of products designed to ensure visibility and signaling devices tailored to meet the rigorous standards and specific needs of the European market.  


  • Custom Website Design
  • Custom Website Development
  • Salesforce Integration
  • (SEO) Search Engine Optimization
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The Challenge

SoundOff Signal initially managed its European operations under the main US website, which lacked a tailored approach to meet the specific needs of European customers and sales teams. They required a dedicated presence in Europe to enhance visibility and address the unique demands of the region. SOS enlisted Kmotion's expertise to create a standalone website that would simplify communication and align better with European market requirements.

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The Solution

Kmotion undertook the project with creative autonomy, adhering to SOS's brand guidelines, to develop a modern, custom-designed website from the ground up using Craft CMS. 

The aim was to establish a strong presence in Europe, boost sales, and support the need of superior emergency vehicle lighting. The new site, built for scalability, is set to evolve alongside SoundOff’s expanding European footprint, laying a foundation for sustained growth and market penetration. This partnership has set a new standard in design and usability for SoundOff, marking a significant step forward in their international expansion efforts.

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