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The Client

As a leading manufacturer of steel siding products for home and commercial exteriors, Quality Edge is a company that is truly dedicated to innovation in renovation, design and construction.

They are committed to excellence which ensures that their exterior solutions provide unmatched durability, allowing families to focus on the things they enjoy most. As a B2B manufacturer, Quality Edge is dedicated to equipping their contractor network with top-notch training, support, and tools. Their commitment goes beyond the norm, as they strive to ensure that contractors deliver services of exceptional quality, backed by precise product installations and informed, accurate information.


  • Custom Web Design
  • Custom Web Development
  • (SEO) Search Engine Optimization
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The Challenge

Prior to Kmotion Design's engagement, the website and marketing for Quality Edge lacked a clear strategic approach. Instead, the focus was solely on aesthetics. This resulted in issues with user experience and difficulties for customers in understanding the full range of products and support offered to contractors. 

Quality Edge also faced challenges with brand awareness among end users.  While contractors struggled to find necessary resources and specs, homeowners struggled to find contractors who could provide QE products, as well as ideas and design selections. This lack of strategy and brand awareness caused missed opportunities for growth, sales, and support for contractors.

As a top quality product on the market, Quality Edge needed a more effective and efficient approach to its website design and marketing efforts.

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The Solution

Through extensive research and analysis, Kmotion has gained an intricate understanding of Quality Edge - who they are, what they excel at, their goals, and the unique needs of their customers. Not only has the site been optimized to provide a premium user experience for contractors and homeowners, but it also caters to previously overlooked audiences such as designers, architects, and internal Quality Edge staff.

The newly launched website is now an ideal platform for homeowners to explore design inspiration, colors, and find reliable contractors to confidently kickstart their projects. Additionally, contractors can leverage the website to provide their clients with the right tools and messaging to effectively promote and install QE products.

Built on the reliable Craft CMS platform, the new site serves as an efficient sales tool to track leads, traffic, and contact submissions via Salesforce CRM. QE can now scale their business with confidence, thanks to a powerful website, solid data tracking, and seamless integration capabilities.


  • 60% Increase of Annual New Users
  • 5 New Audiences
  • 709 Added Resources
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