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Structural Concepts

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The Client

Structural Concepts is a leading manufacturer specializing in temperature-controlled display cases for food and beverage retail. 

They are known for their innovative approach to refrigeration and display solutions, combining aesthetics with efficiency to enhance the retail experience. Their product range includes various models designed for supermarkets, convenience stores, and specialty food retailers. Structural Concepts emphasizes custom design and energy-efficient systems to meet the specific needs of their clients and the demands of retail environments.


  • Custom Website Design
  • Custom Website Development
  • Craft CMS
  • Hubspot CRM
  • (SEO) Search Engine Optimization
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The Challenge

The Structural Concepts website, was in need of a comprehensive update to better serve its users and meet the specific demands of its industry.

The site suffered from outdated infrastructure and a lack of dynamic features, which hindered the user experience and failed to effectively showcase the company's products and their dedication to quality. There was also a significant gap in supporting the sales team's efforts, with a need for a more industry-tailored approach to capture and guide potential leads.

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The Solution

The website underwent a transformative rebranding and custom development, establishing a new framework and infrastructure to enhance overall performance. An innovative user experience was designed, focusing on dynamic functionalities such as the interlinking of downloads and resources, significantly improving how products were presented and discovered.

These changes not only elevated the user experience but also better aligned the website with industry-specific needs. The revamped site now effectively supports the sales team by capturing leads more efficiently and directing them to relevant products, offering a tailored journey for each visitor.

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