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Gasser Chair

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The Client

Gasser Chair Company is a distinguished manufacturer specializing in high-quality seating solutions primarily for the gaming and hospitality industries.

Known for their dedication to craftsmanship, durability, and ergonomic design, Gasser Chair has established a reputable legacy since 1946. The company prides itself on its innovative approach, blending traditional techniques with modern technology to meet the specific needs of their diverse clientele. Gasser Chair continues to be a leading choice for businesses looking for premium seating options that combine style, comfort, and functionality.


  • Custom Website Design
  • Custom Website Development
  • Craft CMS
  • Hubspot CRM
  • (SEO) Search Engine Optimization
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The Challenge

Gasser Chair, renowned in the gaming and hospitality seating sector for its commitment to unparalleled quality and precision, required a digital presence that paralleled their core values.

The challenge was to create a website that not only embodied Gasser's high standards but also conveyed simplicity, elegance, and a timeless design. The objective was to mirror the excellence Gasser is known for in the physical world within a digital space, thereby strengthening their online presence and enhancing brand perception.

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The Solution

To address this challenge, we implemented cutting-edge AI technology to elevate the website's on-page search functionality, ensuring a fluid and user-friendly navigation experience.

The site was developed on the robust Craft CMS platform, resulting in exceptional performance and reliability. Additionally, we integrated the site seamlessly with HubSpot, optimizing customer relationship management and marketing automation. This strategic approach not only effectively communicates Gasser Chair's storied legacy and aligning their online presence with their esteemed industry reputation.

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