Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital

Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital in Grand Rapids is a non-profit nationally accredited rehabilitation hospital that serves children and adults. In 2014, they undergone a six-story expansion & renovation of their facility. With this significant expansion we provided them a new redesigned, fully restructured and rebuilt from the ground up, responsive website. The goal of the site was not only to be a good resource for information on all the programs they offer but to connect with the user on a more emotional level. The site was build around telling users stories, seeing success from patients, and showing how Mary Free Bed really helps change lives and improve the quality of life for those in need.

We designed and built the site in 2015, doing everything from content strategy, a full navigation re-work, and consolidating thousands of pages for a more streamlined and intent focused site. Since then, Mary Free Bed has grown significantly in the past 5 years. While the website still remains solid, our team is currently working on a design refresh, ADA compliancy, and a more in-depth content strategy to support new initiatives and locations. The new plan will be to consolidate content that has consumed the site in the past 4 years. With that we will be trimming and re-organizing the navigation to house all the services they offer more intuitively and tell more stories to show the impact Mary Free Bed has created for it’s patients, families and the community.

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    The website reflects the personality of Mary Free Bed, and gives users a glimpse into the hospital before they even arrive. The website is easy to use across multiple platforms & gives the user a personable experience.

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