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FASTly Faith & Science Teaching

FASTLY is FAITH and SCIENCE activities, and course planning for classrooms in higher education and high school. The website provides a wide range of teaching and learning activities organized in ready to use activity maps linked to practical strategies for helping students engage fruitfully in learning about faith and science. DISCOVER activities set the stage for the topic and get students thinking. The DELVE sections promote more extended learning as the lesson unfolds. DEBRIEF activities invite reflection and bring thoughtful closure to the study. The QUICK STOP lesson plans offer an instant sampler when time is tight.

The Kmotion team designed and built from scratch. Our team was hired to strategize how content will be delivered and displayed with an intuitive user experience. Organization of content and materials was key to successfully display multiple layers of instructional content in a digestible way. Each category and topic was designed to have a clear hierarchy and a step by step user flow. Fastly has had very positive results from users. This site has grown to be distributed and translated for other countries and areas of study. We continue to customize it for their other uses and areas of distribution, such as

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    "We're receiving very positive feedback from teachers, most of whom are pleasantly surprised that an educational website can look this good and function this seamlessly."

    Lori Wilson

    Fastly Program Manager

    Each Activity Map provides the user with an Overview of the lesson with Activities broken up into Discover, Delve, and Debrief categories. Activities set the stage for the topic and get students thinking, while promoting more extended learning as the lesson unfolds and inviting reflection to bring thoughtful closure to each study. The teacher can navigate though the different activities with the helpful Activity Map Outline, as well as access helpful Downloads and Strategies to enhance their lesson.

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